What is the Amoré Diet?

The Amoré Pet Food diet is based on the premise that dogs and cats are predators – designed to hunt, kill and eat raw meat and chew on raw bones.

The diet has been developed for busy people who love their animals and want to give them a species-appropriate diet, but have little time for the preparation and planning of meals for their four-footed companions!

Our complete meals for dogs and cats are meant to be fed daily.  We add vegetables to our food to provide the vitamins and minerals required by a healthy pet.    If you don’t like our vegetables you can add your own!  We also prepare our high quality meats without vegetables, but still include muscle meat, bone, heart and liver.

Meaty bones should given every other day for a few reasons.  1) to keep teeth clean and gums healthy, bones are Mother Nature’s toothbrush and 2) they are fun and keep furkids entertained.  Amoré adds bone to all our meals to ensure that your furkid is getting the necessary amount of calcium.

Only add supplements if you are directed to do so by your health practitioner.

All products have been tested on our own  animals.  In the seven years since Barbara has owned the company and in the 13 years Amoré has been in the marketplace we only test palatability in house, all nutritional testing is done by an independent lab. Our meals have been enjoyed by thousands of dogs and cats throughout North America.

We have started delivering MEGA morsels to the US effective September 2015. We’re glad to be back and be able to offer your pets the best food available.

We are so picky about our ingredients, we use only our own raw ground bones. In fact, everything we put into our foods is human-grade or BETTER.

Our foods, meats, veggies, bones and broth are vacuum-packed to preserve maximum freshness, then flash-frozen.

We are very proud of our products. We’re particularly proud of the quality of our meats.  they are free-range, non-medicated, hormone- and steroid-free.  We only use fresh, table-ready vegetables, nothing frozen or dehydrated. We stand behind all our products — the retailers and veterinarians who sell them will replace any product with which  a customer is not delighted.