MEGA morsels – Lamb treats

Ingredients: Free-range lamb raised without antibiotics or growth hormone( muscle meat, liver, heart and ground bone), carrots, squash, yams,kale, parsley, broccoli, sui choi, parsnips, spinach, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and kelp.

Directions: Feed dry or re-hydrated. To rehydrate, add equal amounts of De-Light MEGA Morsels® and cold water to clean dish. Stir and allow 15 minutes for full re-hydration.


Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis
Protein (%) 47.6
Calories (kcal/25g) 530
Fat (%) 29.8
Iron ( mg/25g) 16.7
Calcium ( mg/25g) 1075.2
Zinc (mg/25g) 13.4
Phosphorous ( mg/25g) 80.03
Potassium (mg/25g) 3900
Magnesium (mg/25g) 564
Sodium (mg/25g) 1360