Amoré Protein Count

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60% meat versus 75% meat!


Amoré protein count is 29% versus theirs of 12%


 We use all cuts of meat from the whole animal! We don’t load up with carcasses. This keeps our calcium/phosphorus ratio in correct proportion. Our fat is higher than theirs because meat has more fat than bone. Which is more nutritious 600 grams of roast or 750 grams of ground beef?
Complete Meals
   All our meals include bone, no need to supplement with Calcium.


* We use extra virgin olive oil – Omega 3 fatty acids *

* Garlic for flea protection *

* Kelp *

Vacuum sealed – no air pockets or freezer burn


Nutritional analysis was done by an independent lab Frequent buyer program – buy 10 cases get 1 free minimum order for free delivery is only $150


5% off on orders over $500 before taxes.