Your FAQ’s about the Amoré food for Cats?

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What if I notice a sudden change in the food?

If you notice a sudden change in our products, please notify us immediately. There are many steps between the factory and the retailer, and we want to make sure that you’re getting the very best quality products when you take them home. So email us with any questions or concerns you may have about our foods.

Why did you increase the amount of meat in your meal products?

We used to have 40% meat in our dog food and 60% meat in our cat food because we encouraged people to feed their companion animals raw bones every day. Unfortunately, not everyone feeds bones so, as of September 2003, our dog food now contains 60% meat and our cat food contains 75% meat. This corresponds to the guaranteed analysis on our website and printed on our labels. We continue to encourage the feeding of raw meaty bones to cats and dogs as this helps promote healthy teeth and gums and prevents anal sac problems. Any excess calcium in this raw form will just be pooped out!

Can a dog or cat get salmon poisoning from Amore’s raw salmon products?

Salmon poisoning is a yearly occurrence in the Pacific northwest when dogs eat the decomposed salmon that have spawned in the river or are lying on the banks. The organism, Neorickettsia helminthoeca, is a parasite found in the entrails of the fish, and a dog would have to eat or lick the guts to become sick. Symptoms are fever and bloody diarrhea 5 to 7 days after exposure, and these are easily treated with oral antibiotics. If left untreated, it can be fatal. THE PARASITE IS KILLED BY FREEZING OR COOKING. Only dogs are affected, not cats. Many cases of poisoning come from spawned fish or ones that a sport fisherman pulled in. The commercial fish used by Amoré are professionally gutted, cleaned, and inspected.. They are then frozen to -30 degrees before being incorporated into Amoré recipes. Read what a Vet has to say below, or check our Resources area.

Why do I only smell vegetables when I open a packet of  Amoré food?

Meat and fish ONLY begin to smell when they’ve begun to rot. Our meat and fish are so fresh that they have no odour. If you visit our factory, you’ll find there’s no bloody or fishy smell even though we’re processing huge quantities of raw meat and fish.

Why does  Amoré put 3 orange vegetables in their foods?

Nowadays, pollutants in the environment are causing more and more cancers in our dogs and cats. Beta-carotene is an anti-oxidant known to be effective in the fight against cancer and orange vegetables are extremely rich in beta-carotene. At Amoré we don’t like to add anything to our food that doesn’t come in its natural form. Rather than crushing vitamin tablets and adding them to the food, we prefer to juice our vegetables and add the pulp for fibre and the juice for vitamins.
Why feed my pet a raw food diet?

Although we have modified the outside of our companion animals – size, fur, ears, tail, etc., inside they still resemble their wild ancestors. The 50 years we’ve been feeding our pets commercial dry and canned food, is a drop in the evolutionary bucket. By feeding them cooked, cereal-based diets we deprive them of the natural good health they are meant to derive from the enzymes in raw meat. These enzymes help in the digestive process and allow natural cleansing, thereby providing a hostile environment for parasites as well as preventing the obnoxious smell that many of our companion animals acquire. Frequent bathing won’t get rid of that smell – it’s coming from the inside and it will disappear with a raw diet and lots of raw bones!
Can I switch my cat to a raw food diet right away?

Some cats love the raw food right away but many will just sniff it and look at you as though you must be out of your mind. “What! You expect me to eat this?” And then you get the look!
Don’t worry, perseverance is needed and you may have to be more stubborn than your cat, but you can make the switch. Try mixing a little of the raw food with whatever your cat is eating now, gradually increasing until you get rid of the dry or canned component altogether. At the same time, start giving your cat a raw chicken wing-tip to chew on. If they don’t take to it right away, try sprinkling a little kelp or dried bonito tuna flakes on it. Most bad breath and teeth problems will start to disappear within a week.

Can I feed raw food to my kitten or puppy?

We have raised our Miniature Pinschers and our St. Bernard on raw food from the moment they were weaned and many of our friends and clients have raised kittens and puppies on our raw food. It is always wise to talk with an animal health practitioner about supplements for the very young or very elderly animals.

Doesn’t eating kibble keep my dog or cat’s teeth clean?

Two answers to that. First, does eating crackers or cookies keep your teeth clean? Just the opposite, I would think. Second, have you watched your dog or cat eat? They don’t chew their food, they bolt it. What keeps your dog or cat’s teeth clean is the effect of the enzymes in raw meat. Raw bones also help and they provide real enjoyment as well.

Will my cat start killing birds and rodents when she gets a taste for raw food?

Actually, when my cats started eating raw food and bones they STOPPED bringing half-dead birds into the house and have, as far as I can tell, completely stopped hunting and killing. Bird song can now actually be heard in my back yard! I haven’t yet heard from anybody that hunting and killing has increased or started after the introduction of a raw food diet.

Is it much more expensive to feed a natural, raw diet?

There’s no way to hide it – yes, it is more expensive than picking up a bag of dried pellets at the supermarket. The trade-off is in the increased health and longevity of your companion animal(s). Chewing on raw bones not only keeps teeth healthy but also helps to prevent anal gland problems. All these improvements in health mean less vet bills and less stress for you and your four-legged friend(s). So, yes, it costs a bit more but prevention is always cheaper than cure in the long run.

How can I know if it’s safe to feed my cat a raw diet?

Check it out. You know how important a healthy, natural diet is for you and your family. Imagine what shape a child would be in who ate nothing but canned meat and dry cereals? There are many interesting sites on the internet where you can find information regarding raw food. As our site is still in the construction stage we are not posting links until we can check them out, but search and you will find!

Won’t my dog or cat choke on raw bones?

Well, have you ever seen a cat filleting a mouse or a bird?
Of course not. Chewing on a raw bone not only satisfies some primal need in the dog or cat, but also keeps its mouth and teeth clean and healthy, cleanses the digestive tract and empties the anal sacs naturally. A diseased mouth is not only painful but can spread illness through the entire body. A bone a day will eliminate oral disease – BUT JUST MAKE SURE TO GIVE YOUR PET RAW BONES. Cooked bones are dangerous.