Both of those smells are likely a digestive issue. The bad breath you smell is likely coming from your dog’s gut; it is the smell of rotting, poorly digested food.

I love customer feedback! One of the first things people tell me about is that the smell is gone. The dog has no more bad breath or wet dog smell. I’ve heard more about non smelly poop than you can ever contemplate.

When you clean up your dog’s gut the smells go away. You may notice a few things as the cleaning process is underway. I remember switching my first dog to raw; Quigley a rescue from the Vancouver Pound and it’s first mascot! (I was the Pound Manager when it became Canada’s first municipally funded no-kill pound.)I was shocked when some of Quigley’s poops were coated in a slimy covering; similar to a sausage casing. New to raw I phoned the company (which I now own) to get some advice. I was told that this was the body’s way of shedding the mucous that had accumulated in his gut. After that Quigley didn’t smell and he became our poster boy.

I now have two rescues, Sassy and Lola; they’ve both been cover girls. When people come into my home or car they are shocked that neither has that “doggy smell”. Sassy and Lola’s diet consists of MEGA morsels, chicken necks or other bones (Mother Nature’s toothbrush) and LoveBites; an occasional baby carrot, piece of cucumber, cauliflower or broccoli thrown in. They get bathed when they get haircuts, three times a year.

We want your dog to thrive, not just survive; our foods have been formulated for just this purpose. 100% grain free with minimal processing; all start from raw human grade ingredients that come from Canadian and US government inspected facilities. (We do make two foods with grains; Beef and Oats and Chicken and Brown Rice; primarily for dogs that have issues keeping weight on or are undergoing cancer treatments.) All foods are made in small batches in our facility.

This year, give your dog the gift of good health. You’ll save time brushing your dog’s teeth and giving him baths. You’ll save money on doggy shampoo and air fresheners. Best of all you’ll give your dog a healthier, happier life.