We receive many desperate calls from pet parents regarding how picky their pets are! We also receive daily feedback from happy pet parents; they can’t believe how their furkid chows down on our MEGA morsels. One customer called to tell us how happy she was that she no longer has to spoon feed her dog.

We understand why furkids love MEGA morsels. MEGA morsels are made with human grade meats and vegetables in our own factory. The meats are local, except for the kangaroo and lamb. All meats are without antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones. The beef is certified organic, kangaroo and salmon are wild; the rest of the meats are free ranged. We care what your furkids eat.

When vegetables are in season we buy local; out of season they come from a supplier to the best restaurants in Vancouver. We carefully prepare every batch of food following establish Good Manufacturing Procedures.

100% of what is on the label is in the bag. MEGA morsels are hand packed in a resealable standup pouch; no fancy printed bag. We spend our money on what goes in the bag rather than what goes on it. You should too. Don`t spend your money paying for glossy pictures of grilled meats; they are just not true just an advertising gimmick.

We use only quality ingredients, if we wouldn`t eat it it doesn`t go into the food; my two furkids, Sassy and Lola, have to eat it!

We have a food that will please even the pickiest pallet. Give MEGA morsels a try; we know your furkid will taste the difference.

We know that you will see, hear, feel and smell the difference!!! See and feel the difference in their furcoat and skin, hear the difference in their excitement at dinner time, and smell the difference it their poops!

If you live in Canada, fill out our online sample request form. If you live in the US, please give us a call at our toll free number 1-866-572-6673, to request your sample.