I would like to personally thank a very large New Zealand pet food manufacturer for imitating our cool air dehydrated pet food. For those that are curious as to the name of the company, I can’t tell you for legal reasons, but it rhymes with kiwi!

We were the first company to perfect a cool air dehydration process. We’ve been doing it right since April 26, 2010!

Our process is based on air circulation. Look mom NO HEAT. Heat DESTROYS nutritional value. Retaining the nutritional value of the ingredients while removing bacterial concerns is exactly why we developed our MEGA morsels. Nice to see that one of the largest dehydrated pet food companies is the world agrees with us.

Our process takes longer, but we think it is worth it. So do our customers; both two and four legged.

We are the ORIGINAL. We continue to make our products in small batches, in our facility by our employees!

Thank you to our customers!