Here I sit, the last business day of 2017, looking forward to 2018 thinking of my New Year’s resolutions. They are standard, eat better and exercise more. Then I see my two rescued furkids.
Sassy, 13 years old, loves to run like the wind; she has so much energy everyone thinks she’s three. Lola, 9 years old, runs like a bunny! She half runs, half hops, her ears flop; she’s really become a changed dog in the last 6 months. Aside from running, she talks and still loves her belly rubs. Many people saw Lola when Sassy and I first took her in. They see her now and can’t believe she is the same dog. You can see it in her face, she’s become a very happy dog.
I attribute both of their good health to their daily diet; a LoveBite before breakfast, MEGA morsels, a chicken neck or two (when I remember to defrost) and plenty of fresh water.
My New Year’s resolution for Sassy and Lola is that they get outside more. They can’t eat any better, I’ve made sure of that!
Owning the company gives me complete control over what they get fed; I know exactly what goes into their food, only human grade ingredients with no chemical added. Purchasing the raw materials and paying the price gives me 100% assurance that there is no better food in the world.
I hope that you will make a resolution to feed your dog/cat better. You’ll see the changes; some will be immediate, some will take longer. In the end the investment in better food is worth it.
All the best to you and your furkids for a fabulous 2018.