The link below is an article that was published in the Vancouver Sun on November 10th. Way to go Inna!

The vets do have one point, raw food can be contaminated. That’s why you should question your manufacturer about the sources of their meat. If you’re paying $2 a pound for raw food I would be VERY suspicious about the quality of the ingredients. I know exactly where my meat comes from and how it is raised. I won’t buy meat for $2 a pound, because I only use quality ingredients. In the end you get what you pay for.

I too have heard stories of dogs getting sick from eating raw food BUT it was the $2 variety of scraps and garbage that was made into “food”. In the 11 years I’ve owned Amore I have never had a call saying our food made a furbaby sick. On the contrary, I get calls about how furbabies thrive on our food.

If you’re worried about handling raw ingredients don’t be. Handle them as you would your own food, wash your hands and clean surfaces. Alternatively we make dehydrated food, using air circulation, not heat. Without moisture the pathogens can’t survive!