Dr. Jeannie K – Melvin & Sunny

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It is my priority to ensure that my dogs have the absolute best food, and that is why after researching raw food companies I chose Amore. Both of my dogs are rescue dogs, and I absolutely adore them. They did not have a chance to have proper nutritional care at the start of their lives. Melvin was living in the bush in the Shuswap as a puppy, and Sunny was a street dog in Thailand. I wanted to make sure that my dogs had the absolute best nutrition to make up for all of the health deficits in that early time. I have been feeding both dogs on Amore foods and they are healthy, happy and full of life and energy. They also love their food! I chose the dehydrated raw foods for the ease of being able to give my dogs raw with a lot less fuss on my part. I cannot recommend Amore dog foods enough!

Melvin & Sunny at the Beach! Melvin & Sunny at the Beach!