Sarah R.

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I’ve had all my cats on the Amore cat food pretty much from the start. So as far as changes go I couldn’t tell you, nothing obvious they were all kittens with no health concerns. All I can say is that they all LOVE LOVE their food. I feed them every day 3 times a day and the cats all know what time meal time is and are at me, bugging me to feed them 30, 15, 10 minutes before their feeding time they get so excited. All my cats (5) are now over a year old, very active and playful with lots of energy, playing on their cat wheel and chasing each other around the house. Its very entertaining :) They haven’t had any health concerns! I feel like Amore has everything they need to thrive and live a long, happy healthy life! We have been extremely happy with the cat food and will continue feeding my babies Amore :)