Shaun and the kids :)

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The Amore raw diet has changed my dogs life. Starting with one of my Boston Terriers named Marty who has been battling an immune deficiency since he was just a puppy. After 4 years of constant vet visits and specialists we were unable to cure his severe secondary infection skin allergies. Marty had been on several different brands of RAW diets but none of them seem to be working. He would either gain massive weight or break out in rashes. Since I have 4 dogs I was buying a cheaper bulk RAW food, let me tell you what a bad idea that was. I guess you get what you pay for.

I switched to trying different high end RAW diets, I found Amore to be the best out of the bunch. After only 3 weeks of Marty being on Amore his swollen eyes, skin, hotspots were becoming managable. All my dogs energy levels have increased and their coats are shining like no other. Isabelle my other boston terrier had gained so much weight from the previous cheap RAW food I had been using. After 4 weeks she has shed a few pounds and is looking great. Thank you Amore in providing such an excellent product, my dogs thank you as well.