We only use beef from Blue Goose Cattle Company, which process its beef in Salmon Arm.

We do not use beef from XL Foods


Hello Folks,

We at Amoré Pet Foods take great pride in our products & also our new line of Amoré MEGA Morsels® for Dogs & Cats. If you wish exchange banners with us please use this NEW one we developed. If you have the old one on your website, we would greatly appreciate if you can exchange it.

We are not using that same line of ad in our product. We thank you for carrying our Amoré Pet Foods. We are available at your nearest pet food supply store in your area. If you can’t find our product in their store, please ask the clerk & they may call us.

Remember: The more you request, the more they will carry our Amoré Pet Food products.

Thank You,

Barbara Fellnermayr

(President & Owner)

Amoré Pet Foods